Urgent boxes never compromise on product quality. We use imperishable and ecological materials for donut packaging.  The cheap and low-class material can affect the soft donuts’ freshness. When the donuts are kept in an airy place, they get hard and dry. Therefore, our cardboard material is the best option because it isolates air and sun rays. More it protects the donuts from insects and germs. You can use ecological cardboard and kraft materials, also.

Versatile Custom donut box style

You can choose any box style for donut packaging. We have all shapes printed packaging for custom donut boxes. You can select a two-piece custom box with an inner print for donut packaging. The tuck front boxes with die-cut windows are also a good option. You can use a custom cube box with an inner tray if you want single-donut packaging. You can use a large quantity of telescopic box style and sleeve and tray box style two.

An extra layer of protection

We do the double lamination, so there is no chance of any holes and punctures. More lamination protects the custom box from scratch and fingerprints. It is accessible to unstained and increases the lastingness of the custom box. You can use matte lamination if you have chosen dark-color prints. It balances the dark colors due to less glare. And gives a smooth velvety surface.  For a glossy smooth surface, you can apply gloss lamination. It provides shine and sparks to the custom donut box.

Custom economical butter wraps

The box surface can be grimy due to the donut chocolate and juicy sweet aroma. You can keep printed butter paper on the inner surface of the custom donut box. It is also eco-friendly and flexible. You can mold it on any side. If the donut is so juicy, you can keep two or more butter wraps for extra protection. The more the butter wrap absorbs, the more excess moisture. You can keep the custom butter wraps on the upper surface too. It will help to protect nuts marination.

Custom inserts for large quantities

It would be best to keep custom-printed cardboard, or Kraft inserts for extra protection. These inserts help to protect the donuts of different creamy coatings from merging. The donut box can get greasy due to continuous movement during online transportation. The buyer will never show zero interest if he sees the unshaped and destroyed donuts inside the custom die-cut donut box. We also create partitions to give a more proper and sophisticated appeal.

Replace others with custom packaging

The bakery items are always my favorite of all age groups. They always buy their favorite sweets or chocolate brownies from their famous favorite shop. Many famous bakeries have already won the heart of people. If you notice, they have introduced their specialty with custom brownie boxes.  It’s a natural phenomenon that people pay attention to beautiful things. It’s not easy for new businesses to take their place or be their competitors with unattractive packaging. To replace the old bakery manufacturers, you must adopt extra marketing techniques. Otherwise, you can never beat them. We provide lead class and attractive packaging, so people notice you and try your bakery items. You must read the whole article about how we made it possible.

Eye-popping color schemes to grab attention

Do you want to earn an extra buck on Christmas? Do you want all to pay attention to your custom donut boxes? Urgent boxes have unique dazzling, funky color schemes to grab the attention of buyers. You will find all kinds of color combos and shades because of PMS color schemes. We have recently added Christmas-themed designs to boost the Christmas sale. Donuts are always demanding, or at Christmas, you can target people with eye-catchy plans and color schemes. More you can enhance the beauty of the box with Extra additions from our collection.