Are you new in the food business or done with low sales? Want to stand out your business at the top but in vain? You need to update all your advertising methods, including custom packaging. We can help you through custom packaging with remarkable custom printed burger boxes that can grab buyers’ attention at a glance. We have been in the packaging industry so far and know all the packaging strategies regarding the food business. We personalize box logos, tag lines with eye-catching graphics, and attractive product images to make it aesthetically appealing.

Cheer Yule delights with custom-printed boxes:

People are crazy about Burgers. Therefore, burgers are equally famous in almost every country. Even if it’s a midnight craving, brunch with buddies or a breakfast burger are always priorities of the majority. So why not be buyers’ priority on Yule, too, with a Christmas-themed custom burger box? You can also buy custom fries boxes wholesale at an incredible discount because of the Christmas 2023 sale.

Unique Xmas-themed designs for custom burger boxes:

We have launched a new design gallery for the Christmas celebration. Better than the past 2021 Christmas-themed designs. And don’t worry about weak color contrast and saturation. We have outstanding PMS and CMYK color schemes that help you to get the ideal design shade.  The PMS color scheme is most preferred because of its infinite color-making properties. Both color schemes are budget-friendly. You can choose any of them in quotes.

Three steps we follow for secure burger packaging:

  • Step one (food-grade cardboard material for outer protection)

The buyers don’t like eating cold burgers if they order online. Therefore, it’s necessary to keep the burger warm for so long with isolated packaging. We recommend using cardboard and kraft boxes to keep burgers warm for a long time. Both are perforation free and have high-insulating properties. Due to this, heat does not pass through the box, and food remains warm for a long. Also, it protects food items from air pollutants and UV rays.

  • Step two (Humidity protection with laminations and coatings)

The durable material is not enough for food packaging. You need an extra layer of protection for the custom burger boxes to prevent humidity. We prefer using gloss lamination for inner and outside lamination. It not only controls moisture but also gives a shiny, smooth surface. And increases the color design or image vibrancy. The gloss laminated cardboard boxes are not recyclable. But you can use liquid-based aqueous coating, which is also water-resistant but eco-friendly. The gloss lamination is applied in a thin layer, but an aqueous coating is involved in a liquified foam with heating.

  • Step three (custom butter wraps for inner surface protection)

It would be best if you wrapped burgers in customer burger wraps. Even you use toothpicks to track the doneness levels in the burger. But toothpicks can’t stop sauces from spilling around, which causes greasiness inside the custom burger boxes. It also affects the burger crunch and makes the bun soggy. We keep custom butter paper wraps to cover the whole burger, prevent a greasy surface, and soak extra moisture and oil. These butter wraps are made up of pure material, that’s why does not stick up with the bun surface. You can easily remove it and mold it in any way.

Custom gable or tote boxes for burgers delivery:

Do you offer cold drinks and fries with burgers? Then you can’t keep a cold drink with a hot burger in the same box. Use custom gable boxes for that purpose. It has durable one-piece top handles to hold them easily. The handle designs reduce your shopping bag’s cost because it can be carried through it. You can use custom tote bags instead, which has a rope handle. Customize these boxes in any size according to the food items’ quantity and weight.